Occupancy rate of CASHA Accommodations slightly higher than April

WILLEMSTAD - In May of this year, the occupancy rate of small accommodations affiliated with CASHA was slightly higher compared to April, according to the latest figures from the hospitality organization. 

The occupancy rate for accommodations in May was 61 percent, which is also slightly lower than the same month last year. The three affiliated car rental companies had an occupancy rate of 50 percent, which was an improvement compared to May 2023. However, dive schools experienced a slightly lower occupancy this past May: 50 percent compared to 56 percent in 2023. 

"In May and June, fewer tourists visit the island. Logically, CASHA members are experiencing lower occupancy rates," stated CASHA. 

According to CASHA, members are noticing an increase in last-minute bookings, where tourists decide spontaneously to book additional activities and accommodations during their stay on the island. 

Currently, CASHA has 95 members, the majority of which are owners of small accommodations. A smaller portion of the membership includes car rental (3) and diving (9) sectors.