Occupancy of small vacation accommodations drops significantly in August

WILLEMSTAD - Small accommodations in Curaçao had an average occupancy rate of 52 percent in August. This is significantly lower than last year when the occupancy rate was still at 68 percent, according to Casha, the relevant association of small vacation stays. 


Accommodations targeting markets other than Europe also notice a difference in the length of their guests' stays. These have been halved. While European tourists stay for two weeks, other markets opt for a maximum of seven days of vacation. 


Divers also had a less favorable month. Last year, the overall occupancy rate was 75 percent, compared to 33 percent for August this year. 


Car rental tells a similar story. Last year, eight out of ten cars were rented, while this year it's less than six cars (55 percent). 


Overall, there are too few tourists visiting local businesses. At the moment, the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) has not released the August figures, so Casha cannot yet compare its data with the general figures. There is still no visibility on the total number of nights compared to last year and 2019. 


Last month, despite the increasing number of tourists, there was a clear decline in the number of nights sold. In addition to this market shift, Casha also needs the CTB figures to assess how many people are on all-inclusive stays. 


They have limited participation in the local economy but ensure that there are fewer plane seats available for tourists who do venture onto the island. 

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