More and more undeclared workers in the tourist sector

WILLEMSTAD - Diving schools have a lot of problems with undeclared workers. According to Curaçao Apartments and Small Hotels Association (Casha), many undeclared workers work in the tourism sector. This means that people work in the tourism sector without a permit or without paying taxes.  


The problem has been going on for years, the organization reports to the Dutch news site  


For example, divers indicate that there are many undeclared workers in the sector. Dive schools that work undeclared receive cash at the location where they dive. This is something that happens regularly, according to Casha, while according to the organization there are equal opportunities so that everyone can compete with each other in a fair way.  


The government is working with Casha, Curaçao Hospitality And Tourism Association (Chata) and Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) to take steps against the undeclared workers. That is why there is a monthly meeting with the Minister of Finance, the Stichting Belasting Accountants Bureau (SBAB), Chata and CTB about how this problem can be stopped. 

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