Jetair announces aircraft updates and expansion plans

WILLEMSTAD - Jetair has officially retired its aircraft with registration PJ-JAC. As of today, the aircraft bearing registration PJ-JAB has been reinstated into full service. This morning, Jetair received the coveted certificate of airworthiness for PJ-JAB, confirming that the aircraft is in excellent condition, ready to take on all flights for the airline. 


With this renewal, Jetair bids farewell to its temporary partnership with Fly Allways, which had assisted in the operation during the downtime of PJ-JAB. The management and crew of Fly Allways were instrumental in ensuring that Jetair's services continued smoothly, and the airline expressed its gratitude for their unwavering support. 


Starting from September 15th, 2023, the aircraft PJ-JAB will once again be the workhorse of Jetair's fleet. It will commence its service with a flight from Curaçao to Medellin at 1600 hours this afternoon. 


Jetair is also on the cusp of a significant fleet expansion and modernization effort. The airline has plans to acquire new types of aircraft that will eventually replace the venerable Fokker PJ-JAB. Within the next week, Jetair will unveil its updated flight schedule, which will include not only the existing routes but also new destinations. 


As of now, Jetair continues to serve the following destinations: St Maarten, Medellin-Colombia, Paramaribo-Suriname, and Kingston-Jamaica. The airline is gearing up to incorporate Bonaire and Aruba into its new schedule shortly. Furthermore, once all preparations are completed, Jetair plans to introduce flights to Valencia in Venezuela.