First cruise ship in June in Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - The Celebrity Millennium is the first cruise ship to come to Curaçao since the corona pandemic. The cruise boat is expected on June 7 at the Mega pier. Various cruise liners have recently held talks with Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) and the local government to make agreements about the restart of cruise tourism in Curaçao.

For example, there has been talk of a "bubble" in which the cruise tourists must stay. This means that the group of tourists must stay together and not come into contact with people from outside, unless they have been vaccinated. For example, the group may only travel together on a bus to a beach where there are no other people.

The cruise liners have been at a standstill for more than a year due to the Covid pandemic. To avoid a false start, they impose strict rules to prevent infections on board the cruise boats.

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