Expansion and water quality monitoring planned for Mangrove Park

WILLEMSTAD - Mangrove Park in Otrobanda is set to undergo expansion, accompanied by measures to ensure water quality, as announced by the Ministry of Health, Environment, and Nature (GMN) on Friday. 

The expansion of the park will occur in two phases. One of the expansions will be on the Corendon side, with the ministry reporting the construction of a bridge, financed by Corendon. 

Additionally, agreements will be made to improve the water quality within the park. Carmabi and the Ministry of GMN will collaborate with Technical Hygienic Affairs (THZ) to oversee water quality in Mangrove Park. THZ will conduct research on all environmental connections and entities within the park to prevent pollution and contamination. 

During a meeting on Thursday, all stakeholders agreed to develop a vision to make Mangrove Park safer and more attractive for canoeists and visitors. Stakeholders include the Ministry of GMN, the Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning (VVRP), Atilay Uslu, founder and owner of Corendon, Carmabi, the Curaçao Medical Center, and the Public Health Inspection. 

The first phase is scheduled to commence in 2025. Details regarding the second phase have not been disclosed.