DJs Maarten Schakel and RO1 Curaçao Pride Ambassadors 2019

Willemstad - The Curaçao Pride is represented this year by Maarten Schakel and Reginald Offerman aka DJ RO1. The well-known DJs and radio makers appeal to a wide audience and have a large reach. Maarten Schakel mainly has Dutch-speaking supporters and RO1 is more known to the Papiamento-speaking public. Both DJs have the capacity to raise a discussion and to shed light on various points of view. Both men are not homosexual themselves, but they think it is important that Curaçao progresses in tolerance and acceptance and would like to contribute to this.

In 2017 both DJs were also ambassadors of the Curaçao Pride. This turned out to be a great combination, because they both take the same viewpoints, but have a different reach and followers. Both do not hesitate to expose sensitive subjects and ask critical questions.

The Curaçao Pride will take place this year from September 25 through September 30. More information about the different festivities can be found on

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