Curaçao today does not suffer from a shortage of pilots in the United States

WILLEMSTAD - The two American Airlines flights that arrived at Hato today were not affected by the shortage of pilots in the United States. Both flights will continue as usual and will depart on time. These are the flights that come from Miami and fly back to the U.S. an hour later after landing.  


Several U.S. aviation companies, including American Airlines, have to cancel flights or even postpone routes due to a shortage of pilots, according to the Dutch aviation website  


Carriers such as American, Delta, United are mainly withdrawing from smaller airports. On Bonaire, an American Airlines flight to Miami was canceled yesterday.  




During the corona crisis, some of the pilots were out of work, but now that air traffic is picking up again, it is proving difficult to find enough crew. Last week, the three companies announced pay increases to recruit and retain existing staff. 

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