Curaçao still a cheap destination for car rental, despite price increase of 61%

WILLEMSTAD - Prices for rental cars in Curaçao have increased by 61% in the past year, according to figures that comparison site EasyTerra shared exclusively with BNR. This is the largest increase EasyTerra has recorded this year, and puts Curaçao at the top of the list of the most expensive cities to rent a car.  


Although prices for rental cars are stabilizing worldwide, there are large local differences. Tjeerd Kramer, owner and founder of EasyTerra, suspects that the rapid increase is related to the end of the corona measures on the island. People dare to travel again. The island is again packed and apparently, local car fleets have not been replenished in time. Price fluctuations are always more extreme on islands, Kramer says. These are small markets where the threshold to replenish rental fleets is higher. 


Although Curaçao is now one of the most expensive places to rent a car, Willemstad, with an average daily price of 74 euros in absolute terms, is still one of the cheapest destinations to rent a car next summer, according to EasyTerra's search data.  


The average daily price of a car in the upcoming summer months rose by 5 percent compared to the previous year, EasyTerra calculated. This slight increase marks a clear break with the past four years, when prices doubled in many places. The highest daily price was seen in Portugal and the lowest price in South Africa. 

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