Curaçao celebrates historic achievement: over half a million stayover visitors

WILLEMSTAD - Congratulations, Curaçao! The long-awaited day has arrived. For the first time in history, Curaçao has surpassed half a million stayover visitors. The year 2023 has undoubtedly proven to be a great year for Curaçao’s tourism. It is the year in which Curaçao has broken several records in the number of stayover visitors from different main markets such as the United States, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, and today we have broken the greatest record by reaching over 500,000 stayover visitors. The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) reports that from January 2023 till now in November, a total of 501,313 stayover visitors have visited Curaçao. In 2022, Curaçao received a total of 489,558 stayover visitors.  

CTB employees

The fact that Curaçao is celebrating this historic achievement, is first thanks to the stayover visitors who chose to visit our island, but also thanks to our local community, our tourism industry workers as well as our valued partners from both the private and public sector. To celebrate this historic milestone, CTB in close partnership with Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) presented arriving passengers in Curaçao today, November 20th, a delightful package of authentic Curaçao treats. The package includes a note conveying that Curaçao is joyfully marking the historic arrival of its 500,000th stayover visitor. The Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Ruisandro Cijntje, was present at the airport to personally greet our visitors on this special day. Minister Cijntje stated, “Today's remarkable achievement stands as a testament: when we unite our efforts, we can achieve the extraordinary. Gratitude extends to all stakeholders and the dedicated tourism industry workers for their commitment in making this significant milestone a reality.”  

A major achievement

In addition to acknowledging Curaçao’s achievement of surpassing half a million stayover visitors, CTB also underscores the benefits that tourism, as an important economic pillar, brings to the island. This includes boosting the revenue of the economy and creating more jobs. At the same time, CTB is committed to the Strategic Tourism Destination Development Plan for responsible and sustainable tourism growth, aiming to enhance the overall experience for both visitors and the local community. 

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