Corendon stops travel to Curaçao due to many infections, TUI not yet

SCHIPHOL - Travel organization Corendon will temporarily stop offering trips to Curaçao, the organization reports on Friday. The reason for temporarily stopping travel is the large number of infections on the island. This has put healthcare under pressure. TUI has announced that it will still fly to Curaçao for the time being.

“We are in contact with everyone who is there through the tour guide to discuss the options for return,” says the travel organization. Corendon, which flies with KLM, says that there are still a few travelers on Curaçao. If they want to leave, they can contact Corendon and the travel organization will arrange the return, the spokesperson said. The temporary halt of the trips to Curaçao will provisionally run until May 15, after which the trips will be offered again for the time being.

TUI announced earlier in the morning that it will continue to fly, but emphasized that it only carries out necessary travel and that the flights are not full, the spokesman said. Holiday travel is not offered by the tour operator. It is still unclear whether and how many people want to fly back from the island with TUI, according to the spokesman.

The travel organization says to inform travelers about the situation on the island. “If they want to rebook or return earlier, people can ask our local office. We treat this with courtesy. The normal cancellation conditions do apply. People who have booked already knew that the island had an orange travel advice,” said the spokeswoman. TUI has announced that it will no longer issue vouchers, because these are no longer covered by the Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR).

Earlier, the Representation of the Netherlands in Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten called on holidaymakers, students and trainees to leave the island as soon as possible due to the high number of corona infections. Several thousand people would belong to these categories. The call is valid until April 15 in any case. Travelers who leave the island must be tested before departure, when they return home to the Netherlands they must be in home quarantine.

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