CHATA reports hotels achieved a 72.7% average room occupancy in October 2023

...this is up 2.7 percentage points from the 70.0% achieved in October 2022... 

WILLEMSTAD - According to STR, the leading provider of hotel performance data and analytics worldwide, Curaçao’s hotels achieved a 72.7% average room occupancy in October 2023, 2.7  percentage points more than the 70.0% achieved in October 2022. 

The hotels achieved an ADR of $210.73 in October 2023, 9.4% higher than in October 2022, while RevPar was $153.23, 13.7% more than in October 2022. 

STR received data from a sample of 15 hotels with 2,646 rooms in October of 2023, with the sample representing 54% of all hotel rooms in Curaçao. 

By comparison, STR reported that the average room occupancy for all hotels in the Caribbean reached 55.6% in October 2023, with an overall ADR of US$241.11 and a RevPar of US$133.94 

According to the CTB, Curaçao received 47,812 stopover visitors in October 2023, 6.4% more than the 44,915 stopover visitors received in October 2022. These stopovers generated 391,429 visitor nights in October, down 1.8% compared with the 398,556 nights spent in October 2022. The average length of stay of these stopover visitors fell from 8.87 nights in October 2022 to 8.19 nights in October of this year. 

Jim Hepple, the Interim Managing Director for CHATA, said CHATA was happy Curacao’s hotels continued to show a strong performance leading into the winter season. He acknowledged however that a number of local hotels, which depend heavily upon business from The Netherlands, continued to face challenges in October consequent upon this year’s reduced airlift, but understood that forward bookings on upcoming flights from Amsterdam were above expectations and that he expected this would help to increase business from the Netherlands in the upcoming winter season. 

Through the first ten months of 2023 CHATA reports that Curaçao’s hotels achieved an average room occupancy of 72.0% compared with 70.2% for the first ten months of 2022. Again, compared with the first ten months of 2022, ADR grew by 7.8% from $207.33 in 2022 to $223.53 in the first ten months of 2023. RevPar grew by 10.6% from $145.53 in 2022 to $160.99 in the first ten months of 2023. 

STR reports that throughout the Caribbean as a whole average room occupancy grew from 60.2% in the first ten months of 2022 to 65.3% in the same ten months of this year with the region’s ADR growing by 13.3% to US$320.88 and its RevPar growing by 22.9% to US$209.45.