Caribbean Tours & - a new platform to book tours, activities, and experiences online in Curacao

WILLEMSTAD - As Curaçao’s tourism industry is steadily recovering and local entrepreneurs are striving to bring innovation in the different sectors, a brand-new platform has been launched on the island on July 15th, 2020. , as the name states it, is the one-stop shop and booking platform for tours, activities, and incredible experiences in Curcao. Both locals and travels can use the platform to find and book the best things to do on the island,  such as walking tours,  food tours, airport transfers,  boat trips,  ATV Tours,  water activities, car and bike rentals and so on.

In partnership with the top tour op-erators, they bring you all your favorite activities in one place. Now you do not have to call to book your tours. Simply visit the website, choose the tour and book! Your reservation will be confirmed within 24 hours offering you various payment options, either online deposit,  cash at location or bank transfer.

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