Air Belgium also to Curacao from July

BRUSSELS, WILLEMSTAD - The Belgian airline Air Belgium announced on Friday that it will operate flights to Curaçao. From Saturday, July 3, the airline will fly to Curaçao via Martinique twice a week.

Air Belgium intends to compete with KLM and TUI fly with affordable tickets. For example, they offer return tickets starting from 585 euros.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the Airbus A340-300 will depart from Charleroi airport at 10 am. From Martinique it is a 1.5-hour flight to the final destination Curaçao. This stop is also made on the way back, passengers are allowed to stay on board the aircraft.

“For the airline, it is a logical next step, after the launch of flights to the French Antilles in December 2019, to also offer the Dutch Caribbean. After all, the French Antilles generally attract mainly French-speaking customers from both Wallonia and Northern France - while the Dutch Antilles are especially popular with the Flemish and the Dutch, ”Air Belgium said in a statement.

The airline is confident that it will be able to fly normally again from 3 July and that holidays can therefore be booked.

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