Sharp dip in traditional crime in 10 years; more cybercrime

AMSTERDAM - Traditional crime - theft, violence, and vandalism - became less common throughout the Netherlands in the past decade. But more people fell victim to online crime, Statistics Netherlands reported on Tuesday.

Between 2012 and 2021, the number of people aged 15 and older who say they fell victim to traditional crime dropped by 43 percent. In contrast, the number of cybercrime victims increased by 22 percent in the past decade. The increase started in 2017.

"Criminals go to the places where money can be made," the CBS explained. Last year, for example, almost 2.5 million people were victims of cybercrime. "Most had to deal with online scams and fraud. One in three victims experienced psychological or financial problems because of what happened to them."


Over 1.5 million people, 10 percent of the population, fell victim to online scams and fraud last year. Most cases (7 percent) involved purchase fraud - failure to deliver goods or services paid for. Also, 7 percent of Netherlands residents were victims of hacking, most of which involved breaking into an account. More than 100,000 people were financially affected by phishing.

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