Netherlands at top in EU for electric car charging stations

AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands has by far the most charging points for electric cars in the European Union, the industry association ACEA said. About 30% of all charging stations within the EU are located in the Netherlands, ANP reported.

According to ACEA, charging points are distributed very unevenly across Europe. 70 percent of the charging stations and points are located in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Fourth-place Italy has only 6% of all charging points, compared to Germany which ranks third with 20%.  "Countries such as Spain and Poland with relatively large territories but lower GDP seem to be left behind," ACEA said.

To close the gap, the organization called for binding targets to be established for every EU member state. "Not only for charging points for electric cars but also for hydrogen stations."

To meet the EU goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2030, some 6 million public charging points are required, ACEA said. Currently, there are 225,000. ACEA warned that without concrete steps taken urgently, improvements in the coming years would be unlikely. The European Commission will discuss this subject in two weeks.

The Netherlands Measurement Institute (NMi) has previously questioned the accuracy of fast-charging stations for electric cars. The leading international metrology institute argued that the drivers can’t be sure if they are getting the electricity they pay for due to the lack of appropriate regulations.

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