Dutch regulator slaps Apple with another hefty fine over payment processing

AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) increased its fine for Apple to 25 million euros. The ACM set a deadline on Apple due to unreasonable conditions for dating apps and the payment systems they use, but to date, the tech company has refused to come up with new proposals to meet the regulator's requirements.

ACM said it regrets Apple's attitude, "certainly because ACM's requirements have  passed an initial judicial review." "Their 'solutions' continue to create too many barriers for dating app providers who want to use their own payment system," said the ACM.

Apple wants the dating apps to use a brand new app if they want to use an alternative payment system. Last year, the ACM demanded that Apple allow other payment methods for dating apps like Tinder, Lexa, Bumble, and Happen, in addition to Apple's own payment system. The deadline for this was in January. Apple said it would adjust the rules to meet the ACM's requirements, even though the tech group appealed against the ruling.

According to the ACM, the changes were insufficient. The regulator fined Apple 5 million euros per week for not complying with the rules. The fine can increase to a maximum of 50 million euros. Apple is currently at half that amount.

Apple has been under fire in multiple countries for some time due to its App Store policy. It mainly concerns the company's 15 to 30 percent commission and the requirement that apps use Apple's payment system. The ACM's ruling only applies to dating apps because they filed a complaint.

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