“Don’t be driven by technology, drive it”

Frankfurt - “Don’t be driven by technology, drive it” , that’s the new BMW slogan to introduce its new model the third generation 1 series set to be launched worldwide in September in Frankfurt 2019, customer deliveries will kick off before the year’s end, sporty exterior, elegant details, high class cockpit, intelligent voice assistant supports you with all your wishes and questions concerning the vehicle that moves into its parking space independently with the innovative parking assistant , letting you experience a dynamic driving pleasure, the third generation BMW1 series comes with a total switch from traditional rear wheel drive to FWD setup ,some changes are made in the car design inside out , more width and more height with a bit shorter wheelbase and reshaped headlights that at an additional cost can be ordered in an adaptive full LED configuration, taillights are wider and slimmer with fog lamps on either end and a larger cargo area , various alloy wheels will be available, ranging in size from 16 to 19 inches ,also is available an optional large panoramic glass roof allowing more light inside the cabin , it has a powerful four cylinder engine , the BMW M135i will put out 306 horsepower and reach 62 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds , the dashboard has a standard 8.8 inch touch screen , Polygonal shapes are everywhere, from the door handles to the shape of the dashboard itself , “the new BMW 1 Series is young, cool and urban , compact proportions, a flowing roofline and striking dynamic lines promise agility and driving pleasure at first sight , the interior is modern and precisely structured , it offers the passengers more space than ever before” that is BMW vice president design’s comment , meanwhile the new luxurious BMW X7 was recently revealed in Curacao , a new character in the BMW family, it is available with a digital Key that works with Samsung and Android devices , and up to five people can be given access to use their phone to unlock and lock the vehicle , it has a sport mode that when used or when the car’s speed exceeds 138 km/h, the ride height is automatically lowered by 20mm , very smooth around the corners it doesn’t feel like you’re driving an SUV when you’re behind the wheel ; 5,151mm long and 2,218mm wide, the X7 is larger than a Range Rover, but a bit lower , it’s the heaviest production car BMW has made, Wheel options range up to 22 inches with standard LED head and tail lights, plus a glass panoramic roof, eight speed automatic gearbox , 6 cylinders , The X7 is a seven seat SUV, with a full size third row capable of seating two adults , available now for sale.

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