Announcement Symantec Legacy Certificates renewal

Announcement regarding the testing and replacing of Symantec SSL/TLS certificates

WILLEMSTAD - DigiCert previously requested all customers using Symantec issued SSL/TLS certificates to test whether their website is affected by Google distrust messages or not, and if necessary, freely replace these certificates to prevent unsecured internet connections. The distrust message is displayed especially when newer versions of Chrome e.g. Chrome66 and Chrome 70 and Firefox browsers connect to a server-authenticated via Symantec legacy issued SSL/TLS certificates.

DigiCert took over the validation and issuance of new certificates that will replace the Symantec SSL/TLS certificates to provide users a secure internet connection when visiting secure websites.

Supervised intuitions are advised to test and validate their website on the security requirements and instructions as given by DigiCert, and immediately take corrective actions to prevent their customers’ data from being compromised. We have included the following DigiCert link for additional information and further instructions.

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