Worthy Donations

Some people on Curacao live in poverty. Getting enough to eat, clothes for their children or themselves, and keeping the utilities on is a challenge. They are worthy of your donations.

Abandoned dogs and cats roam the island. Some are there due to financial hardships of the owners and others were born on the streets to live a feral life. Animal welfare foundations do what they can, but the number of homeless animals is overwhelming. They are worthy of your donations.

Kunuku Man organizes locals and visitors in groups to clean up garbage along the island's roads. It's a dirty and sweaty job for the volunteers, but it makes Curacao a better place. They are worthy of your donations.

More school and sports programs for kids, elderly care, programs for people with special needs, a library, and nature conservation – these are worthy of your donations.


Keeping a convicted politician out of prison is not a worthy donation.

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