Where are they?

I just wanted to use your platform to ask a question. Where are they? Yes, I need to know where they are. I am talking about all those people who protested during the Rhuggenaath administration. I remember this man’s government being attacked constantly by unions, organizations, and others because of measures that had to be taken which did affect our lives. These people were so angry they went to Fort Amsterdam to demand an audience with the then Prime Minister. I don't know if Rhuggenaath was there or not but seeing how these people behaved that day, I think it was the right decision not to come out and meet with them.  


Let’s go back to my question. These people that protested against the former government, where are they now?  


I think what we are seeing now happening in our government is worse than what took place during Rhuggenaath’s administration. Have you been to the supermarket lately? Did you get gas lately? Did you even take a look at your electric bill lately? I'm sure you must have otherwise you would be sitting in the dark right now. Do you read the news? Do you know about all these politicians traveling all over the world paid with our tax money? All these things happening while schools are in dire need of maintenance, people are still without a job, ambulance service is deficient, neighborhoods are in decay and so many more issues.  


I do remember when Pisas was campaigning. He promised that it is now time for the people. His government will focus on the people. I seriously think he meant his pocket or his own pleasures.  


I see government officials in, for example, the Netherlands when they travel, they give a full report about the reason for their trip and what the results are. I am still waiting to hear why Pisas went to Dubai a few months ago. I am still waiting to know why he needed such a big delegation. All I know is that I and my fellow Curaçaoans paid dearly for that pleasure trip.


And now we are all paying for more trips to Atlanta, Chile, and soon Panama. And when these politicians return, we can't even ask what the trip was for.  


In my opinion, now we have reason to protest. Now we need to demand accountability from this government. But again, where are they? What about the country packages, the financial investment from the Netherland and the COHO. No progress at all.


Ah well, what more can I say. I am just a concerned citizen that loves this little rock in the Caribbean.  

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