Time for correctness and exactness

I hereby appeal to our future Prime Minister, the noble Mr. Pik Pisas (MFK), and his colleague, the noble Mrs. Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecilia (PNP), to request an extensive investigation into the 2021 Parliament elections. You have both emerged as the great victors in this latest election, and your victory cannot be compromised. Congratulations again!

An investigation is not only essential to satisfy voters who have received a black and white ballot. This concerns all voters who have doubts as to whether the ballot papers issued by the Supreme Electoral Council (SEC) have been counted. Every citizen has the right to cast his or her vote. It is a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution. By not including black and white ballots, this fundamental right is treated incredibly lightly. If their votes were included, then there must have been black and white ballots in the black bags we saw during your presentation. As the public opening of the bags shows that this was not the case, an in-depth investigation is of great importance!

It is also fairer for the parties that won when it appears that they have received the maximum number of votes from the population. It is also of great importance for small political parties that have just missed the finish line.

Correctness and exactness of the elections far outweighs a seat or a seat distribution.

Political advocates and opponents are always talking about integrity and standing up for the population. I therefore ask our new heads of government to begin an act that concerns the entire population. However you look at it, there are too many voters who claim to have received a black and white ballot.

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