Theo’s case: Politiek Nederland, you have made your point!

Hi the Hague

This is Mike Ferrier. I say loud and clear: If Theo did the crime, he should do the time… But we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty, right? So then…. why keep him detained for so long? Is he considered a danger to others? Do those in the justice system think he might be a flight risk?

After hearing claims of corruption against him for years coming from the other side of the Atlantic, why does it take so long to put together a case against him? One would think this would be a “slam-dunk”! What does this say about the system?

I am not suggesting special treatment for Theo….no, no special favours, but at the same time, ensure that he is not treated any differently than other alleged suspects of white-collar crime. His treatment could be better, but it should not be worse. All the time needed to gather facts, should be taken by the Prosecutor as expeditiously as possible and then, see him in court!

In the meantime: enough bullying already……. You have made your point!



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