The pandemic has opened their eyes

This pandemic allowed the outside world to really see the effects of 10 years of Autonomo den Reino (Curaçao autonomy in the kingdom).

These effects are:

- Ultimately, a country without buffers;

- a tax system that does not function;

- a central bank that must live almost on its dependent reserves with many corpses in the closet;

- approximately 6 billion guilders vaporized / legally stolen;

- A new hospital with a financial and administrative hydrocephalus;

- Utilities that fail but have been looted.

- An education that trains people who can hardly function outside Curaçao, otherwise when they go to study somewhere else most of them fail and

- those with a diploma cannot return to Curaçao because they are heavily opposed.

So the conclusion is a huge brain drain. Those who return with the help from political friends often leave in no time or are infected by corruption.

Curaçao has fared worse and worse since the statute on October 10, 2010. There have always been problems with budget deficits, a weak government and an irrepressible patronage system, legacy of the colonial past that has further perfected the black jet set to their exclusive advantage.

The greatest misery was the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles because this action was poorly thought out and was overestimated by the Netherlands. The Antillean governments were always overestimated by the Netherlands.

Now the Dutch politicians are finding out how bad it is with Curaçao and with most of the 150,000 Curaçaoans living in the Netherlands.

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