Simply put … we need your help!

Dear readers,

We are coming to you for help. There is no other way. Trust us we tried.

For more than eight years now, our business model has been to update the website with important news daily. This to keep you informed of course but also to generate as many views, visits, and clicks as possible. This, of course, became an attractive marketing tool which we offered to clients. Several of these clients paid us to place their banners.

Curaçao Chronicle grew and we were able to do a lot more. The website changed, the office became bigger, we were able to hire more people, etc. The business was good.

But then came COVID-19 and the rest is history.

Now, we know that we will be criticized for asking our readers for help. But the truth is we cannot do it without you anymore. If you benefit from our news, and if you are able, no matter the amount, we would sincerely appreciate your financial help.

We commit ourselves to continue our service to you.

Thank you,

Curaçao Chronicle Staff

You will see this banner below our most important articles, just as a reminder that we need your help.

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