Noise Pollution in Boca Sami

Through this newspaper column, I want to draw the attention of the authorities towards the noise created by the Oil Rig, CIMC Gretha, moored in the bay at Boca Sami (Boca Sint Michiel). It has been here since August 2019 and scheduled to leave perhaps July 2020.

Not a single day passes, when one cannot escape from the noise created by the oil rig. The pounding engine from the ship at volumes loud and louder, which impacts people of all ages with pounding relentless noise 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no break in the noise pollution.

It disturbs our health, hearing, sleep and causes anxiety and irritation. I cannot sleep at night and cannot concentrate the next day. I cannot enjoy being at my home anymore.

I feel I have to write this so that hopefully the authorities will take steps to provide relief to everyone affected by the continual relentless noise. Please we need some peace and quiet in beautiful Boca Sami.

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