Livingstone hotel Curaçao at it’s best

Having made it our custom to come to Curaçao during the Canadian winter, we have always enjoyed our three months stay on the island.

This time, since we decided to depart on a later date than usual, the possibilities were less and we decided to contact Livingstone for an interim stay before going to our usual hotel.
We booked a hotel room for a period of ten days at Livingstone.

Then enquired about pricing for a “villa” with two bedrooms and two complete bathrooms.

After having this confirmed by Sander Winterberg, all e-mails are safely kept as evidence, we decided to change our plans, what a huge mistake and disappointment. We informed Sanders Winterberg of our decision to stay at Livingstone for the whole of our stay on the island and again reconfirmed what the deal was, which Marc van der Berg confirmed with an e-mail including the reservation number and code.

As planned we arrived on the island on the indicated date and at check-in time we were still being assured that we have a two bedroom, two complete bathrooms at our disposal.

The service at the front desk was in one word “lousy”, the Dutch girl handling the incoming guests was just shy of disgusting, what arrogance and despotism.

Her explanation of how to get to the “villa” just didn’t make any sense and it took us almost 20 minutes and inquiring at the entrance-guard of how to get there before we were able to find the “villa”. Service this is called!

As soon as we entered and looked the place over, we thought that this must be a mistake. Our eyes must be playing tricks on us, but no, we got two bedrooms, one normal and one small and NOT two bathrooms, we got instead one shower stall and one toilet stall, not even one complete bathroom.

That same night we took the matter up with Sander Winterberg by e-mail, the answer we got from him, is just short of rude. In a nutshell, came down to; “that’s your problem and I NEVER promised you 2 bathrooms”. Imagine that!

Sander Winterberg “agreed” to look into the matter after the holidays, after several attempts by us to meet with him, sadly enough with no luck, he just kept putting us off. Then we were told that the earliest we could get a change in location would be 2 months later.

Not willing to put up with this kind of behavior/service we contacted another hotel in the same area and got the best of service, no need to say that we will not be dealing ever again with the Livingstone hotel and will be making this known in Canada as well.

This opinion is sent to and Curaçao Chronicle as a heads-up to all who are planning their vacation in Curaçao and are thinking of staying at this hotel. The hotel was “overbooked” according to Sander Winterberg and he did NOT honor their own reservation.

Watch your step, make sure you are getting what you really wanted and that the reservation reflects these wishes. We were truly robbed of more than one week of our vacation.
You DO NOT need surprises after traveling from so far.

Needless to say we are very happy at our new hotel.
Mr. Winterberg we wish you and your entire crew the very best in 2019.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomsen

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