Letter to formateur Pisas cabinet regarding candidate-minister

May 17, 2021

To: formateur Chester Peterson

By mail

Subject: Ramon Chong Minister

Dear Mr. Peterson,

Coalition party PNP recently announced that the chairman of that party, Ramon Chong, has been pushed forward to serve in the Pisas cabinet as minister.

As employees (journalists, presenters, cameramen and technicians) - formally the employment has never ended - of CBA Television (Master Media Management), for which Mr. Chong was responsible, we would like to convey to you our concerns in the interests of Curaçao. As a formateur, you are responsible for a government with honest ministers.

Mr. Chong has done several illegal things during his career, including his conviction for corruption as an island commissioner. For that reason alone, Mr Chong cannot and must not become a minister.

As a highlight there is the debacle CBA Television. Chong owned the TV station, but made sure that he was not formally liable through legal constructions and front men. After all, he was a civil servant at the Ministry of Economic Development, where it is not allowed to hold additional positions. In itself a dubious course of action.

Under Ramon Chong, the TV station went downhill in 2019, after which the household effects were auctioned by the tax authorities. Social security contributions were not paid, taxes were not paid. All as a result of not paying the wages / amounts to which we were entitled under the agreements with CBA / Chong. In total for an estimated amount of ANG 150,000, but probably many times more. Chong also left several landlords with high rent debts. The stories of CBA Television employees are poignant. To date, there have been employees with debts, attachments and even those whose houses have been auctioned by the bank. In any case, it is clear that Chong has high debts outstanding at SVB (Social Insurance Bank) and the Tax and Customs Administration that will in any case have to be paid if he wants to have a chance to become a minister at all.

As a lawyer, you may say that we should have taken legal action. Unfortunately, this is not possible as nothing is in the name of the cunning Chong. In addition, CBA Television has never been formally declared bankrupt by Chong or anyone else, which means that we are not even entitled to severance pay. Given the direct line that Chong has with the director of SVB, it should be a piece of cake for Chong to handle everything fairly. Chong knows how to walk the roads as it is not the first time that a company has gone bankrupt under his leadership.

We as employees have remained silent for the past two years, assuming that Chong would eventually take his responsibility. Nothing is less true. Now that it is known that Chong, who only thinks about his own gain and has gotten many into trouble and has made some debts, is going to fill a ministerial post, we can no longer remain silent. The people of Curaçao need to know who they are dealing with.

As media people, we have reported on abuses in recent years and we appeal to you as a formateur to put a stop to the abuse to have Chong appointed as minister. With a criminal record, outstanding debts at SVB, tax authorities, landlords and employees, Chong cannot become a minister. Integrity is the number one condition for becoming a minister, and Chong lacks that. He has failed as the leader of a company of 30 people, it is impossible to accept that Chong will become one of the leaders of this country with 160,000 people. We will do everything within our reach to prevent this and we sincerely hope for your cooperation.

We would like to hear your views on this. We are willing to explain the above in a personal meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Employees CBA Television

Ulrich Leonora (contact person, tel. +599 9 512 5461)

Wendell Martis

Quido Tecla

Surelma Miguel

Elton Paulina

Rick Hart

Merietza Haakmat

Pipo Villasmil


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