Letter to Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth

Seven year old Kodiba Uzoma wrote a letter to Dr Gerstenbluth as part of his school assignments. He asked Curaçao Chronicle to deliver this letter to the doctor, which we did.  

The letter shows this little boy's appreciation of the work Dr. Gerstenbluth is doing for the island.

Dr. Gerstenbluth’s reaction was “WOW, thank you very very much!”.

 The letter says:

Dear Dr. Gerstenluth,

My name is Kodiba. I am 7 years old and a grade 2 student of the Curaçao American Preparatory School.

I want to thank you for all of what you are doing to protect us from the Covid-19 and for the information to help us stay away from the virus.

Whenever I see you on TV you look tired.

I hope you get enough rest from work.

I like that you can speak Dutch, English and Papiamento very well so everyone on the island can understand you.

My dad told me that you are an Epidemiologist, which is why you have been able to help us in this Covid-19 situation.

I hope to study well in school, so that some day I can be able to help my community in a time of trouble, like you are doing.

Keep up the good work! We are praying for you.

From Kodiba Uzoma

Thank you Kodiba, we know you will study hard and become very successful in live.

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