Kayak Challenge Ryan de Jongh stopped prematurely

Curaçao, March 14, 2021

Together with the Team and other Experts, Ryan and Anthony had to decide to stop the challenge at Playa Canoa late last night as it became too dangerous due to the impact of the adversely changed weather conditions. The bad weather made it impossible to continue in a safe manner.

Ryan and Anthony would like to thank their families, their team, and all the fans that supported them through out the planning of and preparations for this never done before Challenge and promise that they will be back!

A special thanks goes to Nine, Sensei and Ingelore Keller, Curd Evertsz, Dr. Michael Mourillon, Ronald Dunker, Manacho Lopez-Ramirez, Carmabi, Coastguard, the Crew of La Aguila and Child First Foundation.

Ryan and Anthony will be back!

Child First Foundation,


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