"Inspector Keli is a danger to the public health of Curaçao"

The recent verdict following a complaint and a demand about the actions of surgeon Misset painfully exposes the weakness of the current Public Health Inspectorate. The Court dismisses all of the patient's claims because the inspection report, which it submits, is shaky on the most basic points.

Lesson 1 for writing a good report is that the responsible inspector carefully studies and correctly presents the available documentation, in particular the patient file (and within it the surgery report). At this point, the Court gives the Inspector, in this case Mr Keli, a huge blow.

Keli says 'A', but the court shows 'B' on the basis of ordinary document examination. The judge then concludes that the surgeon Misset acted as a reasonably competent care provider. An almost identical formulation that I used in my report on the actions of surgeon Misset in 2019, a report that can still be read on the website of the Public Health Inspectorate.

So Inspector Keli was very wrong in his report, he makes blunders like a child. An incident or consequence of incompetence. Or is Keli corrupt? In any case, it fits into a pattern in which Keli has reversed justified interventions by the undersigned, whether or not at the behest of political bosses.

The former minister Camelia-Römer suspended me two years ago because I set requirements in an instruction for the training of pediatrician Faries. A requirement supported by an independent external audit. Camelia-Römer then appointed Keli, who reversed the instruction on the basis of an incomprehensible new report.

He did the same with the restrictions – also supported by an external audit – that I had imposed on internist Bakir. Recently, Keli refused to act against the start-up of the dialysis unit at Advent Hospital, which violates the licensing conditions, as demonstrated in my August 2017 instruction.

Three examples of protecting 'substandard' care, in violation of the Inspectorate's instructions. If you want to learn about even more foolish or incomprehensible statements by Keli, read my recent book about the Curaçao Public Health Inspectorate.

The rookie mistake in the Misset report is not an incident. Keli is either incompetent or corrupt. Whichever of the two it is, he is completely unfit to be the chief executive of the Health Inspectorate. Keli is a danger to Curaçao's public health and should be replaced rather today than tomorrow.


Jan Huurman, physician and former Inspector General of Public Health Curaçao

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