GreenTown continues its work

The economy is struggling. The international financial sector has been shrinking for years. Trade, e-zone and logistics have a hard time. The oil industry is struggling with great uncertainty. Motiva does not continue. InselAir is stop this week. The survival of the Isla refinery is unclear. PdVSA and Venezuela are on the verge of bankruptcy. Militant Isla unions stir up unrest. There were roadblocks and arson. Evening home visits to ministers. Masked entry of a company building. Threat to the founder of GreenTown. Trade unionists take over the refining. EOC, VBC, KvK, Chata, Cifa, Adeck and CGTC, SSK, of Plataforma Diálogo Nashonal remain silent.

Well? Bon Siman, we live on Curaçao. But stay positive.

The work of GreenTown continues, a start will be made on private, not government land. There must be funds for that. Funds are needed to achieve this. That is now being finalized. GreenTown is here to stay! Crowdfunding via BlockChain starts this month.



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