Good riddance; worst health minister ever

The fact that the (now ex) minister of health never understood her task is clearly visible in the way she dealt (or not) with the COVID pandemic. Simply put, the minister, who without a doubt is the dullest knife in the kitchen drawer called Fort Amsterdam, has been a softy since day one even after her own party members in parliament have questioned her performance or lack thereof. She was not able to manage our public health care.  


Her most memorable performance was trying to stop an investigation in a fraud case involving millions of guilders at the Health Insurance Costs Bureau, the BZV. The perpetrators were very good friends of the current coalition. At least one was connected to criminal conduct at the tax department in Bonaire (back in the days of the Netherlands Antilles). This happens when you deal with people connected to the mafia and criminal organizations.  


The independent court ripped apart the minister for her involvement in protecting these perpetrators by trying to obstruct the investigation.  


In other investigations involving BZV computers were burnt, and data destroyed. They tried to cover the facemask affair, but the investigators were persistent. And now the court has ruled in this case and has sentenced these corrupt figures.  


And today finally the cherry on top of the cake, the incompetent minister has resigned. We hope to never see her again in any public function. Good riddance.  

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