Formation: Pause and rewind

We’re daily bombarded by news, news-ish and plain garbage. Yes, I know that we live in the so-called ‘information age’. The problem is however that we do not give ourselves the time to digest the information received, but rather jump to the next barrage of stories that’s unleashed. News outlets are not interested in sorting through the deluge, but are rather preoccupied with exclusivity, breaking news and of course the financial bottomline. What are we to do? As consumers of information we need a pause and rewind button in order to reflect back on the newsfeed, understand what it means and extract knowledge from it. Nowhere is this more obvious than what’s happening with the chaotic formation process since 19 March. The protagonists are in total confusion and are being played, left and right. Not because the opponents are so smart, but because of self-inflicted wounds. What the protagonists need now is to be transparent, to live up to their values, and perhaps most importantly, self-advocacy. What’s going on right now will surely end in humiliation.

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