FLOW, get your act together now!

Once again, FLOW, the internet service provider, has left many people in Curaçao frustrated. On Sunday, November 12, from early afternoon, the internet went down in various areas across the island. As we write this editorial at around 11 PM, the internet connection is still nonexistent. In essence, we've been without internet for more than 7 hours. How is this possible? Typically, Sundays are reserved for preparing for the workweek, but thanks to FLOW, this was impossible. 

We address this issue because some time ago, Curaçao welcomed digital nomads to spend time working here, enjoying the island's paradise and excellent services. This is fantastic news for us. However, since then, Curaçao Chronicle has voiced concerns, receiving criticism for being perceived as overly negative or potentially damaging Curaçao's image. Some even urged us to retract the editorial we wrote at that time. 

Our contention was that for a digital nomad, a crucial factor in deciding to spend time and work in a country is a reliable internet connection. The country must offer a good connection, and herein lies the problem. Reflecting on our experience at Curaçao Chronicle and the feedback from our readers, we expressed doubts about the quality and level of service Curaçao can offer to digital nomads, especially with FLOW. This was based on our experience with the company, hoping they would improve their service to safeguard Curaçao's reputation. At that point, it wasn't Curaçao Chronicle tarnishing our island's name, but rather the mediocrity of service provided by FLOW, making us ponder what the future might hold. And once again, FLOW has validated our concerns! 

In reality, many have seized the opportunity to use Curaçao as a place to spend time and work. We've spoken to several people who laud Curaçao for its culture, beaches, city center, and entertainment. However, the glaring issue they face is the internet service. As we've experienced and highlighted, the problem is substantial. Sunday's outage prompted us to write this editorial, not just to express our challenges but also to shed light on the difficulties faced by others who may lack the courage to file complaints at the FLOW office. We had no alternative but to leverage the power of the pen to garner attention; otherwise, our ability to continue was at stake. 

Our question remains: How can Curaçao tolerate this mediocre service? How long must we endure FLOW's delayed improvements or their monopolistic behavior? The government sold our state-owned company UTS to a private entity. During UTS's tenure, there was no cause for complaint. The service was outstanding, with various accessible locations on the island for payments, connection requests, complaints, assistance, and more. Post-privatization, we now deal with a company exhibiting a regrettable attitude. A single service request location where customers are treated poorly, casting doubt on the phrase "the customer is king." 

We ask again: How can the government accept this mediocre service? FLOW, how much longer will you procrastinate on improving your service and delivering what we pay for and deserve? When? 

We concluded this editorial at 11:15 pm, and finally, the internet service was restored. 

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