Cross the finish line

While St. Maarten’s recent COVID-19 figures looked promising and active cases dipped down to 15 last Friday before creeping up again over the weekend, related news from other parts of the Dutch Caribbean is less favorable. In Curaçao, where two infections with the British variant were confirmed earlier, active cases dropped to 60 midweek but rose back to 112 by Sunday.

Bonaire elevated its COVID-19 risk level from three to five after they reported 55 new infections and six cases of the British variant. Aruba up to Friday was at 209 active cases, including 37 tourists, but the pandemic has claimed 75 lives on the island and there is talk of patients who end up in the hospital during the current “third wave” staying sick longer.

St. Maarten also recorded two cases of the New York variant plus one each of the Brazilian and California variants. For that reason too, the last thing people should do is let their guard down at this point.

The vaccination process is already well underway and another outbreak with an end to this year-long ordeal now finally in sight would be even more regrettable. Everyone must stick to the rules until all can cross the finish line.

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