Concerning road conditions

Last week, Minister Charles Cooper (MAN) somewhat joyfully announced that road surfaces in poor condition will soon be repaired. This was positive news. However, I wondered how this process works nowadays. Have bids been requested, was there a bidding process, or have the projects been allocated to eligible contractors? 


Let us hope, in any case, that these projects are fully executed and completed. In previously completed projects such as the Don Martina Boulevard and the Helmin Wiels Boulevard, road markings are still missing to this day. Especially on the latter road, dangerous situations arise daily, especially at the entrance and exit of Sambil. 


Even on the already modified roundabouts, it's a "free for all." 


I wonder who would be held responsible if accidents occur due to the lack of clear road markings? Should it not be common practice to ensure that projects are fully completed? 

To my surprise, I noticed road markings on the Koredor.  


A concerned road user, 


Hans den Hartog