Comedy Central is nothing here

The whole government is in turmoil because a smart businessman has imported a load of cheap diesel. They spoke to everybody in the media, sent MEO on them and a minister DEMANDED even that the cargo of diesel had to be off the island within two weeks and of course the people of Curoil claimed that the diesel was of lesser quality and did not meet the standard standards of their company.

The nice thing is that the same laboratory that tested the diesel from Curoil also tested it and gave it its approval. So whay is it that the government is panicking so much?

The importer has met all the requirements and regulations that the same government demands and pays all import duties, excise taxes etc. and now seems not to be good and they come with all kinds of excuses and fabrications to prevent this cheap cargo on the market.

Now, Mrs. Camelia Romer suddenly claims that because the trucks leaked some oil, they did not meet environmental standards. I was on the floor laughing when I read that, the hypocrite! If you do go "cherry picking" as it is called, then do it across the board. For example, plunging down black water in the sea for years, not forgetting the asbestos mountain on the refinery site, dumping sewage water at Jan Thiel, name it, many examples.

Why defend Curoil so fanatically now? Because for years all those government companies have been social parking place for incompetent political friends who were able to thank us for a generous salary.

And now there is LEGAL competition, which they cannot stop, and now they see their paradise collapse.

So, Mrs. Camelia-Romer, come with a better excuse because what you have come up with is a pathetic excuse to defend your political friends.

I can still remember that Paul Wederfoort fought against the refinery years ago because the fuel they delivered was far below the expected quality and was not on an international level and the drivers suffered from it! Then the government also took everything out of the closet only to later accept that Paul was right.

Suddenly we lift heavily to the environment and quality while 20,000 people breathe deadly smoke from the chimneys for years and no one dares to point their finger to that, not even Mrs. Camelia-Romer.


I'm really laughing on this little rock!

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