Come on people, we can do this. We can beat the virus

Only on Curaçao does the number of corona infections increase

Curaçao is the only island in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom to see an upward trend in the number of corona infections.

This is evident from figures published yesterday. As is known, more than three hundred corona infections were registered on Curaçao for the first time on Thursday. In Aruba there has been a significant decrease. On Thursday, 343 infections were registered, where more than 1600 people were infected a month ago.

The number of infections is also decreasing on Sint Maarten. Fifty infections were registered on Wednesday. At the end of August, there were more than 260.

No new infections have been registered on Bonaire for five days. On Thursday twelve more people were infected. At the beginning of the month there were 69. On St. Eustatius there were three more infections on Thursday. At the end of September there were still nine. No infections have been registered on Saba for a long time.

Come on Curaçao, what is going on? We have already demonstrated that we can beat the virus. Why can’t we adhere to hygiene and social distancing rules?

I know the Prime Minister says that he has looked around and most people are adhering to these rules but why are we still on the rise? When I drive around the island, I do not get the same feeling as the Prime Minister.

I few days ago I was at the supermarket. While waiting in line there was this man standing behind me, he did have a face mask, but this was hanging on his ear on one side but was not covering his face. The entire time the mas was coughing. I mean come on. And the supermarket was packed. Several other people were not complying with the social distancing rules.

We are not going to get anywhere like this. And guess what. We just opened our borders to the U.S. for tourism. So we need to take this serious and beat it again like we did it before.

This is going to be interesting!

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