Cherry picking from the Bible

Our great friend Charles Cooper MP has strongly opposed a bill to align same-sex marriage with "normal" marriage based on the norms and values ​​in the Bible because our community is based on Catholic doctrine. And so says a man who speaks for a party of which several members have already been convicted of breaking one of the ten commandments, members who have grayed the “delete” button on Moses' tablet, especially the commandment that says: “Thou shalt not steal". Just by hearing the name MFK, even the pelicans fly to Italy through an emergency channel.

Our democracy is based on separation between church and state, but how can those church leaders separate themselves from the state if the state pays them a monthly salary for more than a century and they nod yes every time the government wants to do something although it is at the expense of their own believers, such as the air pollution of the Isla refinery, which appears to be the biggest sponsor of the diocese, so a "Holy House" that nobody can touch.

So the church stands behind Cooper because it says in the Bible that it is immoral and therefore not allowed. That says the same church that approved the establishment of the largest prostitution camp in the Caribbean. Is that not immoral or against the norms and values ​​of the Bible?

Or was that perhaps a bill from Mary Magdalene?

Where does it end? Today, the government decides who can or cannot marry. Who says that tomorrow they will not deprive the rights of people who work on the Sabbath or who have to be stoned according to the Bible because they are divorced.

These so-called church leaders must first ensure that their own houses are cleaned up before they come and tell me what I can or cannot do, because they themselves are people who live in glass houses and should therefore not throw stones.

If they were to put just as much energy into abusing children by hiding those so-called pedopastics instead of hiding the problem and sending the guilty to other islands, we would have gone a long way. Or are those sometimes the norms and values ​​of the Bible?

The registered partnership has already achieved a major victory and that is already a small baby step to get that bill through parliament, so there are still sensible people who understand that the laws of the Bible are a thing of the past and we can impossibly live according to that antique and narrow-minded way and thus want to make a positive change. As always, we walk behind the facts, because we cling to old habits, norms and values ​​and are afraid of change because our politicians will lose votes because if you look at it, that’s why they are doing it and we don't call each other a sissy.

I keep smiling on this cliff because this is one of the reasons why the churches in the Netherlands are running empty. Nowadays the kids can do everything through Google and you can't fool them anymore because they don't just assume that the penguins have come to the ark from the South Pole.


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