Winair increases operations between Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire

WILLEMSTAD - After a successful introduction of the flights between St. Maarten and the ABC Islands in 2018, Winair has become the only airline that connects the Dutch Caribbean islands.

Starting April 15, Winair will increase its flights between Curaçao, Ariba and Bonaire. Additional services will be introduced from Curaçao to Santo Domingo and Haiti. These flights will easily connect to Aruba and Bonaire.

Winair will fly daily to Aruba and will operate five times to Bonaire. This new service will offer passengers from Ariba and Bonaire the possibility to travel to Curaçao in the morning and return to the island early in the evening.

Additionally, Winair will offer three flights to Dominican Republic and two flights a week to Haiti from Curaçao.



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