Update: Several people injured due to collapse glass pool wall at Sandals Resort

WILLEMSTAD - According to a police report, eleven people suffered minor injuries in the Sandals Infinity pool yesterday. Part of the glass wall collapsed. A few tourists were taken to hospital by ambulance. 


Curaçao Chronicle spoke with a witness who indicated that indeed there was a person that was stuck under the glass panel. The witness believes that this person had the most injuries. “I was assisting a guest who happened to be an ICU nurse as we went to prioritize injuries while the local authorities and emergency response arrived which was fast, said the witness. 


The person stuck under the glass was in shock but responsive and came to her senses quickly, the witness indicated. “I believe she was taken to the hospital. About a dozen people were injured directly. Others were in shock processing the event.” 


According to this witness, staff and guests jumped in quick to help the injured. Sandals was on top of it using their training. 


The police report says there were too many people in the pool during a pool party. As a result, the glass wall broke. Curaçao Chronicle asked the witness if this was what he experienced and he indicated that I couldn’t confirm that because the bar was closing and it seemed people were leaving. 


Prime Minister Pisas took a look at the resort on Sta. Barbara. According to the prime minister, the luxury resort soon had the situation under control. The infinity pool will remain closed for the time being. 




Photos provided by the witness.