UNHCR: ‘Curaçao must open its doors for Venezuelans’

WASHINGTON, WILLEMSTAD - Refugees International's research makes various recommendations to improve refugee policy.

The recommendations are not only addressed to the government, but also to the ombudsman, the government of the Netherlands and the government of the United States.

Given the situation in Venezuela, Curaçao must immediately stop the deportation of Venezuelans, according to one of the recommendations of Refugees International to the government of Curaçao.

The international refugee organization also believes that Venezuelan migrants in Curaçao should be granted a temporary residence permit that gives them access to the labor market, education and healthcare. An asylum system should also be set up, allowing people seeking international protection to apply for asylum at any time and regardless of how they entered the country. People who have been granted asylum must also have access to the labor market, health care and education, according to Refugees International.

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