Two thousand registrations for Corona QR code

WILLEMSTAD - Around two thousand people signed up yesterday to receive a QR code for the Corona app. Since yesterday it is possible to apply for the QR code. With the code you can travel to the Netherlands and Europe, among other places.

The QR code is digital proof that someone has been vaccinated. Previously, it was only possible for residents of Curaçao to request a QR code from the Health Department in Utrecht. This could take more than two weeks. The QR code for the Curaçao Health App has been developed by the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN).

The application for the QR code can currently be requested via the website. According to the government's Communications Department, the app should be ready soon, but there is no precise time indication. "The progress of the app depends on the technology," the department said. The corona app will be available on both Android and iOS.

Until then, you can download the unique QR code, the so-called Digital Covid Certificate, from the website. Of the 2,080 applications, 1,625 have been approved, according to the Ministry of GMN.


The digital proof can be requested via The QR code can also be printed for people who do not have a smartphone.

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