The Netherlands has given Ukraine over €1 billion in military aid alone

THE HAGUE - The Netherlands has provided Ukraine with the equivalent of 1.07 billion euros in military aid. The symbolic milestone of one billion euros was reached in the past six weeks, according to letters from Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren to the Tweede Kamer. 


Minister Ollongren sends an update regarding the aid to the parliamentarians every month. Prior to Monday, the most recent update was sent on December 16, when the total stood at 987 million euros. A week later during a phone conversation, Prime Minister Mark Rutte promised Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy that the Netherlands would contribute another 2.5 billion euros this year. 


About half of the Dutch contribution is in the form of equipment, which ultimately has consequences for the readiness of the Dutch armed forces, but the Ministry of Defense said the current status is acceptable, the minister said. Nevertheless, she believes it is necessary to draw up a plan to keep the impact under control in the longer term. That is currently being developed, she wrote. 


The equipment that the Dutch armed forces gave to Ukraine was recorded with a value of 463.8 million euros. However, if the Netherlands replaces these items individually, as is the intention, the bill will rise much higher. According to the minister, the replacement value is 771.3 million. 


In addition to support in the form of equipment, there is also financial support, including contributions made through funds. In the meantime, money is also coming back to the Netherlands from the European Peace Facility (EPF). That money is released in tranches. So far, the Netherlands has received compensation of 62.9 million euros.