Social Insurance Bank (SVB) to take over hospital’s financial expenses

WILLEMSTAD - The management of the Sint Elisabeth Hospital (Sehos) indicated to the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) which medicines and materials are urgently needed. From now on the SVB will pay the purchase invoices of suppliers directly "until further notice".

This is done on the instructions of Acting Inspector General Sirving Keli of the Public Health Inspectorate.

Keli says that Sehos has been under strict surveillance for some time. "That means that we keep a close eye on what's going on and can take action if necessary."

Last week Tuesday, Keli intervened with a budgetary instruction because of the critical situation he encountered in the hospital due to a shortage of materials and medicines. By having the SVB pay the suppliers directly, the inspector expects that care within Sehos can be restored in the short term. Exactly how much money is involved, Keli did not say, but "certainly a few million guilders".

Financial director Elvis Thodé of Sehos says that the management has a good picture of the current stock, because it is updated every week. "We know what and how much has to be ordered, in numbers and in amounts." With the help of the SVB it is possible to settle the overdue payments to suppliers. "Then purchasing can get going again," says Thodé. Materials and medicines that are available locally can be delivered quickly, but some must come from abroad and that takes a little longer.

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