Royal family arrives in Curaçao on Wednesday February 1

WILLEMSTAD - On Wednesday, February 1, the Royal family will arrive in Curaçao with the naval ship Zr.Ms. Holland. Curaçao is the third island, after Bonaire and Aruba, to be visited during the tour of the Royal Family to the Caribbean. This is the first visit for the Princess of Orange to the Caribbean.  


On Wednesday, February 1, His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Queen and Her Royal Highness the Princess of Orange will sail from Aruba to Curaçao with the station ship Zr.Ms. Holland. The Commander of the Navy in the Caribbean, Brigadier General of the Marines Frank Boots, accompanies the royal couple on board. During this cruise, the Royal family will be informed about the tasks of Defense in the Caribbean. In addition, various delegations from units in the Caribbean are on board to meet the royal couple and to tell them about the various tasks, such as those of the Caribbean military or the Caribbean Naval Headquarters. 



Time Activity 

16:00 Caribbean Coast Guard Demonstrations: On the open sea, flying and sailing units of the Caribbean Coast Guard will give demos to the Royal Family. 

16:30 Gun salutes: 35 gun salutes are given in honor of His Majesty the King. The naval vessel will answer these, also 35 times, according to ceremonial protocol. 

16:45 St. Anna Bay: The naval ship Zr.Ms. Holland enters St. Anna Bay with the Royal Family on board. 

17:00 Mooring: The naval vessel starts mooring at the Mattheywerf. 

17:30 Ceremonial: His Majesty the King is blown over with the boatswain's whistle. Reception at the werf by the Governor of Curaçao, Lucille George-Wout, Prime Minister of Curaçao, Gilmar Pisas and the President of

the Parliament of Curaçao, Charetti America-Fransisca. 


NB! The Mattheywerf is not open to the public! 


All residents of Curaçao are invited to attend the arrival of the Royal Family in St. Anna Bay. This can be done from the quays of Punda and Otrobanda with, for example, flags to greet the King, Queen and Princess in a festive way.  


Companies in Curaçao are also encouraged to fly the flag of Curaçao and – if possible – the flag of the Netherlands during the visit of the Royal Family for the next 3 days. 


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