PVV joins new radical right-wing alliance "Patriots for Europe" in Brussels

THE HAGUE - The PVV is joining Patriots for Europe in the European Parliament, the new political party co-founded by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, party leader Geert Wilders announced on X. The PVV won six seats in last month's European elections. 

"We are PVV-patriots, we love our nation. Strong and sovereign. Resisting illegal immigration," Wilders wrote on X. We defend peace and freedom. He also described himself as a defender of peace and freedom and the Dutch "Judeo-Christian tradition." 

Wilders' statement, in which he also emphasized his support for Ukraine, came on the day Orbán was in Moscow to discuss peace with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Hungarian prime minister did so without including Ukraine, the neighboring country against which Russia started a war in February 2022. The Cabinet, co-founded by the PVV, expressed concerns about this on Friday. 

In addition to Orbán's Fidesz party, the ANO, the party of Czech ex-prime minister Andrej Babiš, is also involved in the formation of Patriots for Europe, as is the Austrian FPÖ. Right-wing extremist parties in other countries have also already shown their interest in the controversial party in the European Parliament.