Port of Rotterdam to support redevelopment of Curaçao industrial area

WILLEMSTAD, ROTTERDAM - The Port of Rotterdam will provide support for the redevelopment of areas owned by the state company Refineria di Kòrsou (RdK). These areas will be used not only for traditional purposes but also for various new, future-proof sustainable economic activities. The Port of Rotterdam will second a manager at the request of RdK. He will lead the team responsible for redevelopment and attracting new businesses. 

In 2023, the Council of Ministers of Curaçao decided to exploit and develop several areas formerly designated for the refinery for sustainable industry. RdK is collaborating with the Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) on this project. The total area covers approximately 250 hectares, located at the Schottegat harbor and the associated terminal at Bullenbaai. RdK aims to develop a mix of activities here, focusing on three main sectors: sustainable energy and raw materials, food and light industry, and logistics and port activities. 

Part of Broader Collaboration 

The Port of Rotterdam collaborates with various port and industrial areas worldwide and has been involved in the development of the Port of Curaçao for some time. This secondment stems from this relationship and fits into the broader cooperation between the governments of the Netherlands and Curaçao, wherein experts and scientific knowledge are exchanged in the fields of wind energy, green hydrogen, solar energy, and energy storage. The secondment of Sander Rijsdijk, currently responsible for industry and bulk at the Port of Rotterdam, is for two years with the possibility of extension.