“Pay slips directors government companies incorrect”

WILLEMSTAD - The salaries on the pay slips of the directors of four government owned companies are incorrect. That's what their lawyer says.

Philip Martis of the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), Yamil Lasten of Curoil, Franklin Sluis of Bureau Telecom and Post and Paul de Geus of UTS want to see heads roll for the leaks of private information at the tax authorities. Depending on the Inspector's response, they will consider subsequent steps.

The four directors of government-related entities whose collective wage statement has recently ended up on the street and frequently distributed via social media, also asked the Ministers of Finance and of Administration, Planning and Services (BPD) to investigate the leak.

This was confirmed by their lawyer Mirto Murray. Murray has sent a letter on behalf of clients to Minister Kenneth Gijsbertha of Finance and Minister Armin Konket of BPD.

In addition to the request to investigate the leak, ministers are also urged to take adequate measures to ensure that the leak does not repeat itself.

According to the pay slips seen on social media these are the salaries per year of the directors:

Paul de Geus (UTS en CETX/Dataplanet) nafls 1,144,274.- (2019)

Philip Martis (SVB) nafls 1,125,666.- (2015)

Yamil Lasten (Curoil) nafls 827,704.- (2019)

Franklin Sluis (Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post) nafls 747,306.- (2015)

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